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About Us

About us

Company Overview

PKL Latvia, a member of the Alfons Hakans, group, is a Latvian tugboat company which specialises in harbour and sea towage in the Latvian port of Ventspils. PKL Latvia has 4 modern and powerful ASD tugs and the entire group owns and operates more than 50 tugboats, barges and workboats.

In addition to our core tugboat services, the PKL fleet is used for icebreaking, firefighting, transporting people and small cargoes and for emergency services. Our well-equipped fleet is suitable for all types of salvage operations.

PKL represents quality, crew expertise and use of innovative technology and looks forward to future cooperation with you!

About us

Company History

1992: On 1 May PKL started to provide towing services in Estonia and also offered passenger shipping, bunkering, bilge water collection and craning services. Over 360 harbour fleet employees were hired to carry out this work

1994 – 1998: with the exception of tugs, all floatal units were delivered to special companies

First generation of tugs
1999: a fleet modernization and renewal program was implemented starting with the purchase of a tractor tug. Older tugboats were replaced with newer ones and since that time PKL has taken delivery of a number of new ASD tugs (35-65 tons bollard pull).

2002: PKL started operating in port of Riga, Latvia

2008: PKL merged with Ventspils tugboat company ‘Ostas Flote SIA’ making it the largest tugboat company in Latvia ‘PKL Flote AS’.

2014: PKL Estonia was acquired by Alfons Hakans Oy Ab
and was renamed as ‘Alfons Hakans AS’. As a result of the acquisition, Alfons Hakans is the largest towage company in Finland and the Baltics with over 50 tugs in operation in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.